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bR1ck is a skill- and speedgame. It concerns to shoot in different level a certain number of blocks with a ball. There are extras like slow motion, changed masses, sizes and change of gravitation.

current version-info

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Name br1ck n€wt0n (brick newton)
version 0.3 final
build 1842
language german
developer(s) hans ferchland
codelanguage delphi
helpdocument br1ck helpfile
users manual br1ck Handbuch (pdf/doc)

something about/for the programm

change log

  - better editor
  - graphical optimizations
  - physical changes
  - logarithmical speed-change (better balanced)
  - "satrt level new" in the main-menu
  - ask for throwing in
  - new, own load/save-game-dialog
  - documentation and help-file
  - menu optimized
  - highscore-list
  - newer graphic (shadows, borders, MotionBlur]
  - KI - input
  - diffrent game- and level-modes (deathgame, randomgame)
  - "hopping"
  - new graphic
  - more level-details can be changed
  - more game-details can be changed with the settings-window
  - "load last game"
  - diffrent games
  - editor-beta
  - save and load level
  - save and load games
  - mouse-input
  - "TimeShift"
  - pointcounting
  - editor-alpha
  - some settings
  - you can move your "balken" with the keyboard
  - a testlevel

about the programmer(s)

take a look at www.gormed.de.ki(german)

please visit

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